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Core Tap

Gatay, Gatay, Para Gatay

Para Sum Gatay

Bodhi, Swaha

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Son Roy

to my family, one in the same with my close friends, through years of encouragement, who have supported my personal growth, that I can continue to share my love and muse for synchronizing beats and soundscapes together. May all your inspirations, know the rhythm of song to propel your initiative, leading to memories and adventures, like the soundtrack of your  life marked in remembrance. Thank you, for allowing me the privilege to DJ those milestones and the ones to come. 

Special thanks, to my people, Colleen, TC, Teddy, H.E., my Dragon Kims, 45Revolver, Osmose, Memory Splice, & my ATL Family, who raise me up in solidarity. Much love.. BIG LOVE!